DIY Neon light Sign

I have been desperate for a neon sign in my house since I spotted them all over Instagram. As you might have already seen from my blog or my insta page I love adding colour to my house and neon is the ultimate colour statement! I started off by wanting something to add to my upcycled … Continue reading DIY Neon light Sign

How to add colour to your home without painting walls

I don't know about you but I am THE most impatient person when it comes to doing stuff to the house. As soon as I have an idea I want to crack on straight away (even if its 10pm at night, much to Chris' annoyance!!) When we first moved into our house and all our … Continue reading How to add colour to your home without painting walls

DIY Pom-Pom basket

This is a great little easy project if you're like me and love to fill your house with things that you've made. I should admit I'm a little bit obsessed with having a go and making things myself.  Baskets are everywhere at the moment and are perfect for storing things like throws, even using as … Continue reading DIY Pom-Pom basket

Kitchen Diner Makeover

When we moved into the house I really disliked the dining room and kitchen (I pretty much  disliked every room in the house!!) Positioned at the back of the house it felt particularly dingy and the kitchen, apart from being filthy, needing ripping out and replacing. The kitchen is an off-shot kitchen and had a … Continue reading Kitchen Diner Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

When we first took on the house, I think the bathroom was my least favourite room. Not only was it gross, and lord knows when it had last been cleaned, it was also a really weird layout and I really struggled to get my head around how to make it better. It was also painted … Continue reading Bathroom Makeover

The Renovation- the beginning

So the past year my life has basically revolved around work (boring) and renovating our first house together! However, rather than jumping straight into the juicy exciting stuff and telling you about our exciting renovation I thought it might be best to give a bit of background! To start from the beginning, Chris and I … Continue reading The Renovation- the beginning

DIY IKEA hack record player cabinet

Since moving into our house last October I've been obsessed with putting my own stamp on it to make it homey and somewhere we would enjoy living. To cut a long story short we inherited our house and didn't go through that waiting until you've fallen in love with a house process before buying it, … Continue reading DIY IKEA hack record player cabinet