How to add colour to your home without painting walls

I don’t know about you but I am THE most impatient person when it comes to doing stuff to the house. As soon as I have an idea I want to crack on straight away (even if its 10pm at night, much to Chris’ annoyance!!)

When we first moved into our house and all our renovation work had been completed, we were left with what was effectively a big white box.  This was quite refreshing at first because it was so clean and bright, much better than when it was dingy and dirty anyway! However when I think back I felt quite stressed when I thought about how much needed to be done to make it homely and it completely clouded my creativity. I imagined we would have to paint every wall and I collected so many colour swatches but couldn’t even begin to decide what on earth to paint and where!

My mum advised me live in the house for a while before racing ahead and painting rooms, and actually once you start picking out the furniture that you like or your kitchen etc you eventually start to build up more of an idea of colour schemes and overall design.

So if you feel like you’re house is looking a bit too plain and you’re not quite sure what colours to paint here are 4 easy tips I have found to add colour to your home without painting any walls.

Paint Furniture
If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I’m a huge upcycling fan and I’m also not afraid of painting things in bold colours. I tend to go with my gut or choose whichever colour I’m naturally drawn to. And the best thing is if you feel like you’ve made a mistake and it doesn’t look right you can just repaint it another colour (much cheaper than repainting a wall anyway)! My favourite piece is my cocktail cabinet which I painted using Rustoleum’s chalky finish furniture paint in Dusky Pink and also Graphite on the inside.

There is such a wide choice of kitchens available nowadays in different finishes, and different colours. Picking a kitchen is most definitely down to personal design preference and I think its really important to pick your kitchen before thinking about painting walls etc. I was naturally drawn to my grey kitchen from Ikea. From the moment I set eyes on it I knew it was the kitchen I wanted. The grey cabinets instantly add colour without having any colour on the walls. If you’re not replacing your kitchen then there are simple ways to add colour, for example painting your units whatever colour you like!


Wall Art
Adding art to your walls is a really simple way of adding colour to your room. I’m a huge fan of gallery walls and think they’re a brilliant way of expressing creative style. There are also so many beautiful prints that you can buy really cheaply too. I collected lots of cheap frames from places like Ikea, Wilko, B&M and even Poundland and I’ve even used coloured wrapping paper along with post cards to decorate my gallery wall.
You can also use different objects as wall art for example neon signs are really on trend at the moment or you can do something like me by displaying copper pans on the walls in the kitchen.


Soft furnishings
You can add pops of colour with simple things like your choice of cushions, throws or bedding. I couldn’t decide what colour cushions to buy to go with my sofa for a long time. I had seen lots of grey and pink themes on Pinterest and Instagram but I wasn’t sure how well that would go down with Chris! Then one day I walked into Primark who had these lovely green velvet cushions and I loved them. Then I remembered all of the prints I had been collecting for my gallery wall were also green (I think I subconsciously love green!) and knew it would work perfectly!

We have been living in the house a year now and I have only just started to think about painting walls in the house. I have spent the year collecting things for the house to add colour as well as painting a lot of furniture! Instagram and Pinterest are also really great places to get inspiration for when you do decide you want to start painting.

So for all you impatient interiors lovers who are renovating or redecorating  your home and are feeling a bit lost then I hope you find this useful!

2 thoughts on “How to add colour to your home without painting walls

  1. Juliet says:

    I love the colors you choose in the different rooms. I was wondering if you made that “cheers” sign above the cabinet or if it bought it already made?


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