Bathroom Makeover

When we first took on the house, I think the bathroom was my least favourite room. Not only was it gross, and lord knows when it had last been cleaned, it was also a really weird layout and I really struggled to get my head around how to make it better. It was also painted a strange peach colour and had a sink vanity unit from the 1970’s and had jazzy green marble towel and toilet roll holders! So its safe to say, I was pretty relieved when on the first day that the builders had the keys, by 10am in the morning the entire thing had been ripped apart!


I spent A LOT of time prowling pinterest for ‘long thin bathroom inspiration’ to help me make sense of what to do with the awkward shape of the room and that it has the worlds biggest window to have to deal with (exaggeration). The only thing I knew for definite was that I hated the position of the sink being at the opposite end to the toilet and that you had to walk past the bath to wash your hands after having a wee..I don’t know if it is actually that weird, it just irritated me a lot! So operation bathroom layout was to keep the toilet in position, because really where else could you put it with that whopping great window! Move the sink towards the toilet end of the room and move the bath along towards where the sink used to be.

The second thing I knew I wanted was a roll-top bath and a jazzy floor but still a slightly traditional feel to suit the age of the house. We had a preetty tight budget so again, I prowled all the bathroom brochures that our builder gave to me but everything seemed so expensive?! So I turned to the internet and found some really great deals on Victoria Plum they have so many styles and often have these amazing deals where you can buy entire suites with taps etc for often better prices than buying them separately.
My bath of dreams seemed to be slightly harder to find. The problem we had was finding a roll-top bath that had a straight edge to sit flush with the wall so we wouldn’t get any leaks. Lone behold, Victorian Plumbing do just the thing! And I should probably add it was an absolute bargain.

So the final thing missing to complete my bathroom of dreams was the flooring. I would have absolutely loved some beautiful Victorian style patterned tiles, however I think I had the tightest budget in the world to play with so I reluctantly went for a patterned Lino flooring. However now I have it, I absolutely love it! We get so many compliments about the floor, it was cheap, its warm and so easy to clean! So sometimes a compromise is worth it- something i’ve learnt along the way!

So here we have it, my bathroom of dreams! In total we spent approximately £1200 on the bath, sink, toilet, tiles and flooring (excluding fitting) and we picked up all the little decorative bits from Ikea, Sainsburys and B&M.

bathroom 6

bathroom 5

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