The Renovation- the beginning

So the past year my life has basically revolved around work (boring) and renovating our first house together! However, rather than jumping straight into the juicy exciting stuff and telling you about our exciting renovation I thought it might be best to give a bit of background!

To start from the beginning, Chris and I have been together since just before finishing school, aged 19. We stayed together through travelling and Uni and started renting together straight after uni (after I pretty much gave him an ultimatum asking whether he’d rather go back to live in his grandmas 2 bed cottage or move in with me..!) We rented for a few years and last year we decided that we were fed up of paying all the ridiculous renting fees and moving every 12 months so it was time for us to attempt to buy our first house together.

Chris already owned a house that he had inherited a few years earlier and had been renting it out, and to be completely honest it had never crossed our minds to move into it. We wanted to do what everyone else does when they buy their first house, well from what you see on TV anyway! We wanted to be shown around (ideally by Phil or Kirstie…) and feel that feeling when you find ‘the one’! Anyway, in our case we never got to do that. The government changed the rules on stamp duty so our bill would have ended up more expensive than the amount we could afford to put down as a deposit, so we were effectively priced out of the market. So our attentions were brought towards Chris’s house, which was actually in the area of town that we were looking to buy, but it had been pretty neglected due to years of gross tenants living in it and not looking after it properly so was desperately in need of some TLC. It was however a Victorian terrace, with 3 double bedrooms and bags of potential (pretty much my dream!) I just needed to work out how to see past the damp, mould, 1970’s bubble glass doors and also the lingering smell of stale smoke..

house 1

So here’s the fun part! We made the decision to move into the house and renovate it, well get someone in to do it for us as we’re completely incapable! We found ourselves an ‘all rounder’ builder that came recommended who was a joiner by trade, but was also a kitchen and bathroom fitter and turns out hes pretty good at brick laying too!!

The work started in July 2016 and pretty much involved gutting the entire house, mostly because nearly every wall and ceiling was being held up with woodchip and the builders found it easier to knock walls down rather than scrape it all off!! I wont go into every detail of what we did, otherwise this post will be never-ending and I also wont have any future content! However, you can look forward to reading future posts about our new kitchen, bathrooms and how I’ve tapped into my creative side to make our house into our home 🙂 so watch this space!



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