DIY IKEA hack record player cabinet

Since moving into our house last October I’ve been obsessed with putting my own stamp on it to make it homey and somewhere we would enjoy living. To cut a long story short we inherited our house and didn’t go through that waiting until you’ve fallen in love with a house process before buying it, not quite what you imagine for your first proper house, however a godsend in terms of not really having a mortgage! However it was in a pretty bad way and needed a lotttt of TLC (and wood chip removal! I would really like to meet the person that invented wood chip to ask them what on earth they were thinking of!!)  This aside, my obsession with upcycling and my new found creative side have made it into a proper home that we both love.

Both Chris and I love music and Chris has got himself a nice little record collection but we’ve not had a proper unit to house them all in- (time for my crafty side to come into use!) so I set about making a unit that would fit all our records and record player, and tadaaaaa here it is! (I’m still ridiculously proud if you can’t tell!)


I’ve put aaaallll the steps to make your very own! All you will need is:

  • Ikea kallax unit (4 cube) £20 you can find them here
  • 1 Piece of mdf backboard cut to 76cmx76cm £6
  • backboard nails £2
  • nice fancy paper of your choosing x4
  • x4 legs (mine are hairpin legs from Thehairpinlegco) £20
  • Hammer
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • sprayglue/spray mount
  • tape measure/ ruler

Start by putting together your Ikea kallax unit- it comes with instructions and all the tools/screws you will need to put it together-you’ll also need a bit of flat pack patience!


Once you’ve put it together lay it flat on the floor and measure the full size of the unit (it should be 76cm x76cm but measure it just Incase I’ve completely made that number up!) this will be the full size of your mdf backboard. I went to b&q and bought 1 sheet of mdf backboard for about £6 and got 3 squares out of it so I have some stashed away! B&q will cut it down to the exact size you need for free 🙂


Lay the Kallax unit flat on top of the backboard and draw the size of the squares where your paper will go and then cut your pieces of paper to fit these squares- might be worth adding about 1mm to the total size of each piece to make sure it’s completely covered.


Once you’ve cut your paper to size spray each piece on the back with spray glue- I think spray glue is best for this as it doesn’t get too wet and doesn’t crease too much!

Next you can attach the backboard to the unit! Line it up and then hammer nails in the entire way round the edge of the board about 1.5cm apart- I started with a nail in each corner, then in the middle, then the middle again and so on.


Now you should have a pretty much finished unit, apart from the feet! It’s up you if you choose to add feet, it was too short for me so I wanted to but it will work perfectly fine without them!


The  feet I added were hairpin legs from The hairpin leg co. And were a bargain at only £20 for 4! They offer a great service where you can choose which ever size/colour and finish leg you would like with fast and free delivery.  They also come with screws and feet protectors too so literally all you have to do is screw them in!


This is the part where you will need a drill and a screwdriver! I hadn’t actually used a drill at any point in my life before this so I’m not going to lie I did have to call my dad…but it was fineee so if I can do it then anyone can! You need to position the feet on the unit (turn it upside down first) and mark where each screw needs to go. You then need to drill each of these points about 1cm down so that your screw will fit. Then screw each leg on and voila! Make sure the screws are tight because it could be fairly disasterous us if they’re not!

And there you have it! I hope these instructions are easy/useful!


2 thoughts on “DIY IKEA hack record player cabinet

  1. Sarah says:

    Just lovely! 🙌🏻 Love the step by step instructions and accompanying photos, the intro and tool list at the start, and links to products you used where applicable. Really helpful, thanks for sharing.
    Out of interest, what paper did you use? Wrapping paper or stronger wall paper? Also, where did your boyf get his slimline record player from – my parents old one is huge & clunky, and not the sort of cool retro I’d want on display 🙈
    Thanks again and keep it up. We’re still heavily in the renovation stage and so getting as much inspo and ideas to convert this current building site into a home!! X


    • sasafletch says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I actually used wrapping paper from ikea but I have noticed now that one of the sheets I used has gone a little bit wrinkly over time so it might be better to use wallpaper- plus you could probably get free testers as you don’t need much at all!
      The record player I bought from somewhere online and it was pretty cheap. It’s an ion one but to be completely honest it’s not particularly good! I think it’s designed for people who want to transpose their records and put them onto a computer, but the one I have doesn’t play records very well so I think there’s better ones out there! Hope this helps! X


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