Hello! I’m Sarah and i’m a 20 something living in Sheffield and I live with my boyfriend/best pal/not so better half 😉 Chris (I’m clearly the better half in this relationship..)IMG_0979

I have grown up surrounded by incredibly useful and creative people – my mum is brilliant and my creative inspiration and my sister pretty much completely takes after her (she also happens to be my best friend). My dad is the wise, organised, ridiculously punctual but also incredibly passionate one who is my first port of call whenever I need some kind of help! I completely take after my dad, and I’ve also chosen to follow a very similar career in marketing.
I work in branded marketing for a food company which at times is really exciting, however outside of work  I have always had this creative urge but never quite found the right way to channel it- not like my mum or sister could anyway!

In late 2016 Chris and I moved into our first house together and I finally found my time to creatively shine as you might put it!! I’ve found myself knitting, upcyling, Ikea hacking and becoming a crazy, obsessive house instagrammer! So I’ve finally decided to pull together a blog, to document my creative journey! So if you would like to come on this journey with me, and hopefully I can inspire other non creatives to try their hand at something then follow me!

You can also follow my home making journey on instagram @s.l.f_home

One thought on “About

  1. Julia Fletcher says:

    I love this! What a great start! So proud that you have found your creative streak at last. It’s a good lesson in not focussing on what others have got, but digging deep for our own gifts. You always have a go and you connect with others – what a brilliant combo! Go girl! Love you! Mum 😘


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